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    Conveyor System

    From design to implementation to maintenance, NKC provides total support. Responding to the demands of today’s customer, NKC has developed this revolutionary conveyor system.

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  • Our Products

    Functional design meets user requirements.

    A robust system that has spectacularly improved efficiency in materials handling.

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  • ISO140001 Certification

    NKC’s Environmental Efforts.

    Environmental conditions have been deteriorating year after year due to global warming, ever-increasing waste production and many other reasons.

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    Good spin for our society keeping everything moving.

    NKC's creativity technology: A Driving Force in Industry

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Welcome to

Thai Nakanishi (NKC)

Nakanishi Metal Works co., ltd.(NKC) was found in 1924 in Osaka as a manufacturer specializing in bearing retainers, one of the core bearing components. NKC began manufacturing conveyor systems by applying know – how from bearing retainer technology and have conducted consistent production activities to expand such as planning, development, designing and manufacturing for support our customers all over the world.

We has created a number of

innovative products based on our long accumulated technologies.

In 1988, Thai Nakanishi Co.,Ltd. (NKC) was established for the purpose of manufacturing and sales of conveyor and automated control devices. We began to introduce conveyor systems to the automobile market and electronic appliance manufacturers in Thailand. We has created a number of innovative products based on our long accumulated technologies and has brought them into the market one after another to meet the market requirements in terms of friction drive conveyor, chain drive conveyor, motrain conveyor, light weight conveyor and peripheral conveyor which they were designed taking future process changes into consideration, as well as the working environmental. Therefore, their total system will cover all area from design, manufacture, installation and maintenance throughout japan which are actively tackling quality improvement and product development.

NKC was found in 1924 in osaka as a manufacturer specializing in bearing retainers. in 1952, nkc began manufacturing conveyor system by applying know – how from bearing retainer technology.

In 1972, NKC started technical communication with anchor conveyors in USA.

In 1973, NKC entered into tie – up with stehmann gmbh., w, Germany . export have been carrier to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Mexico as well as to USA.

In 1980, NKC of America, inc. was established at Memphis, Tennessee

Showcase Our Work

Today, every process of assembly line was performed in quality by NKC’ s excellent system engineering to many customers such as Toyota Motor, Thai Honda, Toshiba, Sharp, GM, Autoalliance and etc .

Clients we have worked with

DAIFUKU ,TSUBAKI , TSUBAKIMOTO , OMH , ROLLER CONVEYOR , BELT CONVEYOR , TOYOTA TSUSHO FORKLIFT(THAILAND) , JENBUNJERD , DLX , THAI-LIAN GROUP , LINDE MATERIAL HANDLING , JUNGHEINRICH , NICHIYU ELECTRIC FORKLIFT , BANGKOK  KOMATSU FORKLIFT , Conveyor , Storage system , Transfer system , Carrier , C-hanger , Dolly , Transverser , Transfer Machine , Carry machine , Chain conveyor , Automatic system , Lifter , PLC , Forklift , Robot , AGV , Carry , Storage , AS/RS , ASRS , Automated Storage and Retrieval System , Automatic , Hand Lift , Tow truck , Cleaner , Cleaper , Tow tractor , low lift , E-truck , Logistic , Logistics , Handlift , Roller Conveyor , Belt Conveyor , Friction Conveyor , motor roller , rail , hanger